Telescopic Boom Crane

Telescopic Boom Cranes

Telescoping cranes or hydraulic cranes, are a type of mobile crane that feature a telescoping boom that can extend and retract.

These cranes are widely used in various industries, including construction, infrastructure development, maintenance, and material handling. 

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L&MS telescopic boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing.

The cranes are available in the range up to 12000 kNm lifting moment and are supplied according to customer requirements and numerous optional features.

Telescopic Boom Cranes

Mounted on rigs, platforms, and offshore vessels the cranes are used as shipboard cranes, for provision handling, and ship-to-ship operations.

  • Deck cranes (shipboard)
  • Provision cranes
  • Ship to ship cranes
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