Maintenance and Service

Lifting Crane Solutions

L&MS offers a comprehensive range of services related to lifting cranes, ensuring that our clients’ lifting operations are efficient, reliable, and safe.

If you have existing lifting cranes that require modernization or upgrades, we have the expertise to assist you.

Crane Modernization and Upgrades

Our team can assess your current equipment and provide recommendations on enhancements to improve performance, safety, and efficiency.

From upgrading control systems and safety features to implementing new technologies, we can help you optimize your existing crane fleet to meet current industry standards and operational demands.

Maintenance and Repairs

L&MS offers a diverse range of products for merchant and service vessels. An extensive experience and an excellent customer base to ensure the company success in the segment for merchant and cargo.

Vessels and installations included in this segment:

  • Merchant vessels
  • Bulk, tanker and cargo vessels
  • Carrier vessels

‘ lifting operations are efficient, reliable, and safe.

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