LMS News Update 07

The load test of the marine ship “Victoria Mxenge” was conducted in full compliance with industry standards.

The Palifinger PK6500M successfully passed the test and received official approval from L&MS.

In today’s highly competitive industrial landscape, prioritizing safety and compliance is paramount.

At L&MS, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the utmost safety and regulatory adherence for all your lifting equipment.

Our expertise begins with on-site inspections and rigorous load testing, guaranteeing that your standard lifting equipment meets industry standards.

Upon inspection, we issue certificates of compliance, providing assurance about your equipment’s reliability.

For further details about our solutions and tailored procurement policies to protect your operations from untested equipment, please visit our website at https://liftingandminingsolutions.com/.

To bolster safety even more, we conduct rope investigations and destructive breaking force tests.

Our test certificates, complete with load deformation graphs, offer an additional layer of assurance for crane rope inspections.

Trust L&MS to elevate your safety standards, ensuring that your lifting operations are not only efficient but, most importantly, safe.

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info@liftingandminingsolutions.com to discuss how our services can elevate your projects.

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