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News Update 11

In the dynamic realm of heavy-duty operations, the role of lifting cranes cannot be overstated.

News Update 10

In the ever-evolving realm of heavy equipment, telescoping cranes, synonymous with efficiency and innovation, stand as pivotal assets.

News Update 09

In the world of business, achieving structural integrity is vital, much like the rigidity of a stiff lifting crane.

News Update 08

The recent successful load test of the Petrel 23757 Model, in conjunction with L&MS Uni-Cape, has firmly established its reliability and industry compliance within the maritime sector.

News Update 07

The load test of the marine ship “Victoria Mxenge” was conducted in full compliance with industry standards. The Palifinger PK6500M successfully passed the test and received official approval from L&MS.

News Update 06

In the realm of offshore operations, specialized lifting cranes play a pivotal role, especially within the deep sea mining industry

News Update 05

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety with Telescoping Cranes: L&MS at Your Service

In the dynamic world of heavy equipment, telescoping cranes, also known as hydraulic cranes, have carved a niche for themselves.

News Update 04

At L&MS Marine, we specialize in ensuring that lifting machinery performs flawlessly under the heaviest loads, meeting and exceeding industry standards.

News Update 02

We take pride in our commitment to excellence, exemplified by the successful load
test on the Afrikanership’s Palfinger PK23500M crane.

News Update 01

Lifting cranes is an indispensable part of modern
heavy-duty operations,enabling the movement of heavy objects with ease and precision

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